Lights, camera, action: presentation tips from the movies

A great movie can have a powerful effect on its audience, not only provoking debate and dialogue, making headlines and winning awards, but sometimes even bringing about permanent societal change. We’re talking big bucks too – the worldwide cinema box office is worth US$38.6 billion – so, when it comes to presentation tips, there are … Continued

The value of corporate listening

In our social media age of sharing – and over-sharing – it can sometimes feel as though communication has become a one-way street. In the corporate environment too, as businesses start to use a range of platforms and tools to share information with stakeholders, the temptation can be to keep churning out the content with … Continued

Intranet vs app for internal communications = no contest

Since about 1994, the intranet has been the primary internal communications hub for many businesses. That said, research tells us that fewer than 50% of employees use their organisation’s intranet on a regular basis yet people pick up their phone more than 85 times a day. This begs the question, what is the point of … Continued

Corporate culture: the new business imperative

Corporate culture is undoubtedly a hot topic at the moment. Whether it’s research telling us that a company’s culture is more important to employees than salary levels, or Uber hitting the headlines for its “troubled” (read sexist and divisive) culture, company ethos is fast becoming a business imperative. Corporate culture is determined by a myriad … Continued

Six team building tips for remote workers

The rise of the remote worker is seemingly unstoppable, with more than 1.5m Brits now working from home.  While this increased flexibility can do wonders for employee work-life balance (not to mention the reduced overheads from having fewer bums on seats in the office), one major downside is the difficulty of creating a unified company … Continued

The dos and don’ts of improving internal communications

Two pieces of news regarding employee communications have caught our eye recently, both of which highlight the complexity as well as the potential of digital technology and communication in the workplace. We have already blogged about the mobile phone’s growing importance as a workplace tool, but this week we’re going to drill down into the … Continued

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