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5 Ways to Make Your Presentations Stand Out

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Having the assurance of a fantastic presentation behind you when presenting will not only boost your confidence, it will help send across your message effectively, and give your audience something to remember.

Therefore if you’re pitching to a potential client (who will likely view multiple presentations alongside yours), ensuring your business stands out from the crowd is important. Read on for 5 key ways to make your presentations stand out.

1. Visualise data with dynamic graphs and charts

Companyapp - Interactive presentations graphs

Often in a business presentation, you’ll need to explain some statistics to prove a point. Our advice is to stay clear of ordinary static tables and data grids. Instead, include clean, minimalist graphs and charts that are interactive. Giving them subtle movement will help send across your point clearly and effectively.

2. Include interactive quizzes

Embedding short quiz sections within your slides is a great method of making your presentation far more interesting and stimulating for your audience. For example, adding short “Did you know’s” or Q & A’s will be much more interesting for an audience. It will help them to understand your message better.

Take the Millennials Quiz or How App Savvy Are You? Quiz as an example of unique interactive quizzes you could add in your next presentation.

Companyapp - Interactive presentations quizzes

3. Use high-quality images

Always try to include more high-quality images  than text in your presentation slides. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and is definitely more effective than having to read streams of bullet points on a slide. See this post for a useful list of where to find eye-catching (and free) pictures for presentations.


4. Create engaging videos

Creating engaging visuals is crucial for digital success. The power of video is far more impactful than text or static images, and will give you a greater chance of captivating your audience on a more personal level. View this previous post on the importance of video.

Companyapp - Interactive presentations video

5. Use animations

Last but not least, bring your slides to life with HTML5. This code allows you to include animations and much more visually engaging effects compared to any standard PowerPoint presentation. View this interactive presentation showcasing Companyapp, built entirely using HTML5.

Companyapp - Interactive presentations HTML5

Presenter is a cloud-based presentation platform that allows you to produce interactive presentation slides that are stylish, engaging, and always in-line with your brand.

For more information on making your presentation stand out, head to www.companyapp.co.uk/presenter. Feel free to contact us via email info@companyapp.co.uk, or give us a ring on 0207 378 1446.

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