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Case Studies

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Radisson Hotel Group

THE CHALLENGE: With a portfolio of 1,100 + hotels across the globe, 7 different brands & an extensive client list, Radisson Hotel Group creates a lot of presentations. The efficient management of such a large resource was a tricky challenge they needed to solve.

THE SOLUTION: They now use our Presenter system with it’s cloud based library – so content is always ‘on brand’ & can easily be re-used & re-purposed to quickly create new presentation combinations. Most importantly, the central marketing team has full quality control.

The Companyapp team are creative, conscientious & always responsive to our needs. The solution they delivered for us has produced some fantastic cost saving & efficiency benefits for our organisation.


THE CHALLENGE: Financial planning requires detailed examination of a multiple variety of parameters. But explaining complicated accountancy services in easy to understand language can be a tricky task. How do you get across these difficult ideas and concepts?

THE SOLUTION: We built Mazars some highly interactive presentations with dynamic calculators, animated info-graphics & responsive graphs, to help their clients visualise these complex ideas. Our goal was better understanding = quicker decisions = quicker conversions.

The team are great at listening to what we are trying to achieve & then bringing that vision to life. The creative process is very collaborative & hands-on.

Johnson & Johnson

THE CHALLENGE: Like all pharmaceutical companies J&J have strict compliance requirements for all their digital output. But they didn’t want to simply produce another long PDF that would test the patience and concentration of their users.

THE SOLUTION: We built them a highly interactive website that sought to engage their users with innovative learning methods. To back this up we also produced a mobile Pocket ‘quick reference’ so they always had the information they needed at their fingertips.

We found the team to be engaging, creative & very intuitive to our requirements. I found they really listened to what we needed & delivered beyond our expectations.


THE CHALLENGE: Omnicom needed to relocate staff from all across London to new centralised offices in Bankside. They wanted to make sure that everyone felt supported in the move and had all the information they needed to enable them to settle into their new environment as quickly as possible.

THE SOLUTION: We used our Communicator product to build them an induction app that showcased all that was fabulous about their new workplace and surrounding area – local gyms, cafes, restaurants & cultural spots etc. They could also upload their own discoveries to share with colleagues – directly from the app.

The app was packed with really useful information and was very intuitive to use. It really helped with the smooth transition into the new offices.

Edwardian Hotel Group

THE CHALLENGE: Edwardian have some stunning 5 star hotels in their portfolio. Hotels that really define what luxury means. They wanted to make sure that all their marketing materials reflected the quality of their brand and projected the best possible impression.

THE SOLUTION: With our Presenter system they could be sure that their marketing materials were of the highest quality. By using HTML5 and other modern web technologies, they could be confident that their content would be interactive & dynamic, to really engage their audience.

The app has helped us to consolidate all our marketing resources. We now have one core library that is easy to share across multiple brands & multiple teams - it’s saving us time & saving us money.

Bespoke Design + Development

If you need your content to look really special, our creative team can help. We have the cutting edge design skills necessary to really make your content look slick, modern and professional. And as we know our systems inside out, we can really help you make the most of them.

Our team can help you with any special functional features you might need within your app. We will work with you to build tools that calculate & compare information – dynamic, interactive charts & graphs that reveal crucial insights – & build surveys to capture client data.

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