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We believe in delivering quality. But we also believe in delivering value. Which means that we, like you, appreciate that your budget is a precious thing. So our company is mostly full of designers, developers & other ‘hands-on’ creatives – people who come up with ideas & make stuff – which helps to maximise our productivity. Our offices are comfortable, efficient workspaces, they aren’t full of contemporary art or high-end espresso machines. That means we don’t have the overheads that others might, & we can put your budget into the things that matter: the product we build you.



The saying goes that you have two ears & one mouth because you should listen twice as often as you speak. That’s a paradigm we’re happy to embrace. From the outset we like to sit down with you & hear what you have to say, to gain a proper understanding of what you are trying to achieve & what problems you are trying to solve. Often our clients come to us with just a rough idea, or a simple vision for a project. They don’t know how to work the idea up, start the planning or the implementation. Well that’s ok – apps are complex, technical things – we can work on the brief together. Our objective is to build a partner relationship with our clients & we believe that listening is key to its success.



As an SME we’re quick & efficient by default – we have to be. It’s a competitive world out there & we know we’re not the only kids on the block. We run a flat, collaborative structure in our company where everyone has a specialism, but where everyone also understands how their work integrates with what their colleagues are doing too. With us, no one works in a silo, all members of the team understand the overarching development goals & is required to consider the project as a whole. We expect all our staff to be passionate about what they do, to be genuinely fascinated by what is possible with digital technologies & to embrace change & innovation as an important developmental discipline.

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