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How to Create Engaging Presentations with Presenter – Part 1

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If you have the task to create engaging presentations for your clients, we understand that this can be a little daunting and certainly time-consuming. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start – which image and layout should you use to really capture your audience’s attention while maintaining a professional outlook? Let us help you head in the right direction on how to create engaging presentations using the Presenter app.

With Companyapp’s Presenter, the powerful B2B presentation software is aimed at making your life easier to truly engage your audience, as well as manage and monitor all of your company’s presentations in one centralised place.

You can select and edit dynamic slides via a desktop, then deliver them directly from your tablet, where and when you need them. Whether to present to staff within your company or to potential clients, Presenter can really help you transform your business materials into something special.

Specifically within the presentation software, you can build and add content to your presentation slides by selecting specific slide layouts, with fixed formatting from an extensive content library. This ensures consistency between all of your company presentations, regardless of the person who created them. You also have the choice of tailored brand themes designed by Companyapp to maintain consistency of your brand materials. You can therefore efficiently build up a suite of engaging, beautiful and professional slides.

This is the first part of a series on different ways to create engaging presentations with Presenter. Stay tuned for more throughout the next several weeks!

Video Slides

How to create engaging presentations

Creating engaging visuals is crucial for digital success.

In our current digital world, the importance of online video marketing is now more vital than ever before, and should play a large role in a company’s marketing strategy. The power of video can genuinely engage your audience on a more personal level, and make them believe in the value that your company has to offer.

For example, instead of describing a product or message from a person, show your audience through video what the product can do, or an interview from the actual person. You’ll be able to communicate much more effectively with each viewer, improve their understanding and allow them to really feel what your product is offering. Video Brewery states that the value of one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Of course adding a short and compelling video is also a brilliant way to make your presentation stand out and motivate your audience to listen. Without wasting precious time, you can deliver a message quickly and efficiently while really captivating your audience. It’s important that the video is of high-quality, sends a clear, relevant message and creates an impact. With all of these aspects in place, you can really trigger an emotional response from your viewer which will be far more memorable than blocks of text on a slide.

Make sure your video doesn’t drag on for too long either. An interesting statistic from the Single Grain states that videos under 1 minute long enjoy 80% viewer retention up to the 30-second mark, while videos 2-3 minutes long still enjoy 60% retention. After 5-10 minutes, viewer retention continues to decrease.

Within Presenter, you can easily add a video slide to your presentation by selecting the kind of video template you would like from the ‘Image & Video Slides’ section. You’ll then be able to add the video and background colour of your choice before previewing the full slide.

How to Create Engaging Presentations

Here at Companyapp we very much recommend adding video to your presentations to provide a more interesting and personal experience for your audience.

For more information, contact us via info@companyapp.co.uk.

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