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How to Create Engaging Presentations with Presenter – Part 2

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Welcome to Part 2 of our series on How to Create Engaging Presentations with Presenter. After discussing the importance of Video in Part 1 – we’ll now discuss the benefits of including interactive and dynamic charts to your slides, to really bring your data to life.

So you have the data content, but how do you present it without putting your audience to sleep? Don’t worry, this is where Companyapp’s Presenter comes in.

Whether presenting technical data, business proposals or statistics – to do this effectively and keep each member of your audience interested – you need to be original and creative. Your presentation slides should be visually stimulating and easy to understand for everyone.

You don’t want to confuse your audience, overload them with information or bore them completely with a slide full of numbers.

How to Create Engaging Presentations using Dynamic Charts

With dynamic charts you can:

-Display visually appealing data
-Efficiently compile information in one display
-Reveal trends and anomalies between datasets
-Quickly understand an overview of data
-Easily compare between different sets of data
-Quickly edit and update data
-Offer engaging and original slides

How to Create Engaging Presentations - Dynamic Charts

When giving more data-driven presentations such as a table of statistics, using a unique and dynamic chart is far more effective compared to displaying a basic table of facts and figures. It is significantly easier for the human eye to quickly detect trends and anomalies in data when viewed using this method.

An interesting article from UNECE on a A Guide to Presenting Statistics states that, “our capacity to make visual observations rapidly and easily is based on the brain’s ability to perceive regularities and irregularities. Much of this ability works unconsciously.

For example to wow the crowd, the graph above allows the presenter to (directly from his tablet or desktop), select various years from the drop-down list. He/she can then effectively help the audience understand the data within a few slides, as the animated chart seamlessly changes to the correct value, according to the year selected.

How to Create Engaging Presentations - Dynamic Charts3

We promise that statistics, figures and tables don’t have to be boring any longer!

Using Presenter, these vibrant, attractive and animated charts can quickly be added to your slides to visually engage your audience. With a simple tap of a finger, watch your presentation make a long-lasting impression.

Make sure to check out the Presenter demo for the full suite of slide templates offered.

Do you use a lot of charts in your presentations? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

For more information, contact us via info@companyapp.co.uk.

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