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How to Create Engaging Presentations with Presenter – Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3 on how to create engaging presentations with Presenter (you can find Part 1 and Part 2 on the blog). If you’re looking for ways to make your presentation more interesting, then consider including dynamic & interactive quizzes to your slides – see the example below. It’s a more unique method of stimulating your audience, whether through a survey or Q&A. Not only is it easier for people to grasp information, it also provides a more memorable and enjoyable experience.

Whether presenting these quizzes in front of an audience, or sending them directly via email, the beauty of it is that the results can be aggregated into a report of results, giving you valuable insights and feedback.

Take the Millennials Quiz below to find out your results!

For more information, contact us via info@companyapp.co.uk.

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