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Presentation App Overview

This sample presentation gives a short overview of Companyapp and the Presenter system. It looks at the many advantages to using a cloud & app based product and how it could make a real difference to your sales & marketing activities. It also includes a showcase of example content slides.


Metrics & Reports

An example of the kind of reports that can be created within the admin area of the presentation app system. Aggregated reports (from multiple presentations, by multiple reps, to multiple clients) build powerful insights into your marketing & sales activities & the preferences of your clients.


Data Capture & Manipulation

When you have a system which lets you create & deliver highly dynamic & interactive slides – each presentation can become a questionnaire / survey, a system configuration tool, a product decision tree, or a ‘costs / benefits’ calculator – complete with an editable dashboard overview.

Financial services demo

This example presentation for the financial services sector demonstrates how to quickly gather a few client details & immediately start to build dynamic projections & forecasts using the data. Results can be emailed to the client at the end of the meeting, including any associated reference materials.

Training templates

Easily create engaging, interactive e-learning content using Presenter’s training templates. Deliver product training, brand awareness, induction / on-boarding, health & safety, compliance or continuous professional development courses – then review a centralised record of everyone’s answers and scores.

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