The value of corporate listening

In our social media age of sharing – and over-sharing – it can sometimes feel as though communication has become a one-way street. In the corporate environment too, as businesses start to use a range of platforms and tools to share information with stakeholders, the temptation can be to keep churning out the content with … Continued

Intranet vs app for internal communications = no contest

Since about 1994, the intranet has been the primary internal communications hub for many businesses. That said, research tells us that fewer than 50% of employees use their organisation’s intranet on a regular basis yet people pick up their phone more than 85 times a day. This begs the question, what is the point of … Continued

Corporate culture: the new business imperative

Corporate culture is undoubtedly a hot topic at the moment. Whether it’s research telling us that a company’s culture is more important to employees than salary levels, or Uber hitting the headlines for its “troubled” (read sexist and divisive) culture, company ethos is fast becoming a business imperative. Corporate culture is determined by a myriad … Continued

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