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We’ve designed and built many employee engagement apps for clients over recent years, to meet a variety of needs; from office moves to staff training, internal communication to sharing resources, Communicator was created to be ‘your company in your pocket’. But arguably one of its most powerful functions is as an onboarding tool for inductions and training of new staff.

Firstly, let’s consider the definition of onboarding, a relatively new term in the business lexicon which originated in the US.  According to the dictionary it is ‘the induction and assimilation of a new employee into a company or organisation’. Assimilation is an interesting concept in the corporate environment, as it’s not just about the employee taking in, absorbing and retaining information, but also about them becoming part of a culture, finding their place in the organisation (literally and metaphorically) and contributing to its (and their) continued growth. Much of the success of the onboarding process inevitably comes from human interaction in the workplace, but a well-designed and effective onboarding app can act as the bedrock of the induction and assimilation process.

Most experts agree that the onboarding process takes at least nine months to complete.  During this time, there are rewards to be reaped by the employee and the employer alike, as a successful onboarding programme ensures that a business gets the very best from its new member of staff. Team retention, job satisfaction, productivity and management time all benefit from effective induction, all of which in turn deliver value to the bottom line.

So how can an app like Communicator help?

1. All your company information in one place

Official company documents, facts and figures, organisation charts…you name it, it can be stored in the app and available on- and offline whenever and wherever you need it. For the new employee this is an invaluable resource.

2. Full database of contact information

There’s nothing worse when you’re new to a company than not knowing who you need to speak to or how to get hold of them. File all company contact information in one place, instantly retrievable at the swipe of the screen.

3. Instant feedback

Keeping in touch with new employees and how they’re getting on is a really important part of onboarding. The app allows you to solicit feedback via polls, surveys and questionnaires so you can have a genuine two-way dialogue with your team, even if they’re working remotely.

4. Training at your fingertips

In many jobs, there is a need for ongoing workplace training. Much of this can be done via the app, with plenty of capacity for storing training materials, worksheets and even interactive modules for staff to undertake wherever they are.

5. Latest news

The app also acts as a news hub, whether from external online sources (aggregating content from wherever you desire) or for internal company announcements and updates. As such, it’s an easy way to keep your staff up-to-speed and involved on a daily basis to ensure they feel informed.

6. Image and video library

Using the app you can keep all visual collateral safe and accessible, available for instant viewing, downloading and sharing. From a management perspective, it’s also simple to ensure that any out-of-date images are removed.

This is just a flavour of how Communicator can be used for onboarding. For more examples of the app in action, have a look at our case studies. Alternatively, you can now view it for yourself by downloading it from the Apple App store or Google Play store for free, where you can sample a vanilla version to help you decide how your final rendering might look.

For more information, contact us via info@companyapp.co.uk.

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