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Why Companyapp?

Companyapp is dedicated to producing high quality business-to-business (B2B) tablet & mobile apps for organisations across all industry sectors. Our mission is to help companies update their systems & processes, to make sure they take full advantage of the productivity efficiencies & streamlined workflows that digital solutions can offer their business.

We work with our clients to develop app based products that save time, save money & produce the fantastic metrics that are only possible with modern mobile systems. Our business apps also help to project your company as a modern and technologically ‘savvy’ organisation that fully understands their customers and the communication channels they choose to use.

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centralise your marketing resources engage & retain company staff build superb business presentations convert more prospects keep your staff motivated manage your sales channels

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Off-the-shelf solutions

Presenter logo

has been created for business development & sales professionals who want to take their presentation materials to the next level. Presenter helps increase prospect conversion by creating beautiful, memorable, data responsive slides that evidence your message . . . more

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helps you open up a ‘two way’ channel to your customers – or to your staff – and hear what they are saying. Make sure everyone knows what’s going in your business with regular updates on the channels they choose to use . . . more

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gets everyone up to speed with all your company’s training and instructional material. Your content is always available when and where they need it . . . more

Bespoke solutions

If you need a new, original business app we can help you through the whole process. We’ll start by discussing what you are trying to achieve, then work through some ideas until everyone is satisfied there is a fully defined concept & a properly scoped plan to realise it. It’s important to start with a clear goal.

The next stages of design, development & testing are iterative processes in which we like you to keep involved – it’s your app – we want you to feel included in the process. Lastly we’ll help with distribution. In a B2B context there are a number of options – we’ll talk through them with you and help set up whatever is required.

Why not set up a call to talk through your ideas and see if we can help?  . . . contact

Users spend up to 10 times longer on apps than they do on the mobile web via a browser

Quick look app showcase

Presenter app home screen

Presenter - the business app for presenting & pitching

Bun in the oven app

‘Bun in the oven’ charity app

Digital Compliance Factory

Digital compliance pocket guide

Data capture

Digital marketing efficiency calculator

Kid K App

Keepie uppie game

Insight Out

A digital magazine for business


Staff training app

Preseneter graph

Disposable income calculator

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