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5 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Interactive and Engaging

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It’s not always easy engaging business professionals with your product or service offer. They’re always super busy, time pressured and often stressed.

How do you get them to notice you – and more importantly to remember you!

When presenting a sales pitch for example, the last thing you want are your potential clients drifting off from sitting through predictable, non interactive presentations. After all, an engagement survey by MCI states that a staggering..

91 percent of business professionals admitted to daydreaming during the meetings they attend and 39 percent confessed to falling asleep.

The key question is: how do you make your presentation more interactive and engaging?

Using interactive elements in your slides will help you genuinely engage and captivate your audience from start to finish. Here are some tips to help you do this:

1. Involve Your Audience

To hold your audience’s attention, a great strategy is to get them involved right from the beginning. For example, ask for their participation using interactive quizzes or contests within your slides. Ask them to vote on the correct answer and immediately discuss the results as a group. Or use a survey-enabled communication app so the audience can select an answer directly from their own mobile device. This kind of audience participation is not only more enjoyable, it helps the audience to remember your message.

View this fun ‘How App-Savvy Quiz’ to see the kind of approach you could include in your next interactive presentation.

2. Tell a Story

Impactful brand storytelling is all about engaging and connecting with customers, creating a narrative that allows them to better understand a business’s purpose & product, ethics & values. This should also be applied to your presentation strategy. You should understand what your audience value, then take them through a visual story experience (with a beginning, middle and end) from the moment they step in the room. Ask them questions, encourage participation and respond to their reactions as you go through your presentation. Need some inspiration? Read this post on how impactful brand storytelling leads to increased revenue, with great examples from Apple and Ford.

3. Use Non-Linear Slides

To present your slides a little differently, avoid clicking through one slide after the other. It’s predictable and won’t help you to jump out as being unique. Using an interactive presentation software gives you the opportunity to build your slides using hyperlinks, so you can present in any particular order. In terms of responding to audience’s questions, this form of navigation is far easier since it allows you to quickly skip to certain subjects and tailor your presentation to your audience’s reactions.

4. Use Video

According to research done by John Medina at the University of Washington – during a presentation, your audience’s attention will almost plummet to zero after only 10 minutes. Most audience members will be used to engaging with video whether through YouTube or social media, so why not spruce up your presentation slides with short, high-quality videos. Make sure to include relevant brand content and audio effects too. This will help you stand out better and instantly liven up a business presentation or sales pitch.

5. Use Animation

Add dynamic effects to your slides with animations. Presenting thought-provoking animations to illustrate your message will hold your audience’s attention whilst sending a clear message. For example, animations can help you effectively describe your brand’s message, explain how to use a software or demo a physical object. It’s a great method to break up your presentation from static image and text, while bringing your slides to life.

Need help building your next interactive presentation? Let us help you. Contact us via email info@companyapp.co.uk.

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