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6 Inspiring Business Communication Apps

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It’s no secret that developing efficient work processes requires good business communication. Having an open and collaborative workforce is key, not only to make faster and better decisions, but to motivate and encourage team members.

The future trend in business communications is shifting towards mobile. Accessing a one-stop, company communication app from your phone allows your workforce and/or clients to instantly be connected. They can receive real-time updates, share important documents, provide feedback etc. (see more communication app benefits in our previous post.) This convenient tool has proven to increase efficiency, improve employee engagement and save considerable time in the workplace.

We’ve added a few examples below to illustrate our point…

Case studies: 6 inspiring business communication apps

Ocado: Online supermarket Ocado have more than 1,000 technical employees working across Europe, which causes difficulties for multiple teams to communicate and collaborate on projects. Head of Technology, Clifford Bailey explains how “One solution is to use email to communicate. But that is slow, manual and interrupted the process.” Therefore they took on a communications app which significantly increased transparency across all teams. “For the first time, you can overhear a conversation in a remote office, and everyone can get involved. As a result, we have vastly reduced internal email.”

Sky: In order to communicate the results of Sky’s multiple marketing campaigns, the telecommunications company decided to use an internal reporting app designed to communicate their accomplishments and campaign success internally within the organisation.

Yeo Valley: The family farm business Yeo Valley have many non-desk employees without access to the company’s computer systems. So they decided to implement a communications app that allows all employees to share opinions, receive updated company news and promote employee interaction, directly from their own devices.

Ajax Union: CEO Joe Apfelbaum of agency Ajax Union says they use an internal communications app for, “Bridging the gap between staff members and our clientele,” stating, “It makes it easy for people in different positions at the company, especially those who wear many hats, to easily share files and stay in the loop on projects and client information.”

Bogner: Member of the construction company’s executive board, Dr. Oliver Pabst has expressed that the result of using an internal communications app means, “It reduces barriers and helps me communicate more with my teams. Our decision-making and communication processes are now shorter and I am always up to date on the latest operations in our retail stores.”

FRHI Hotels & Resorts: Andrada Parashiv who is Head of Internal Communications for the hotel management company, FRHI Hotels & Resorts, has given her views on the use of a communications app for their business: “Connecting 50,000 employees from 110 hotels globally and making them feel part of the FRHI family is not an easy task. We are excited for what the future holds for us: see our forum grow and revolutionise the way we communicate internally!

At Companyapp, we believe it’s important for businesses to instantly keep both staff and customers connected. That’s why we built Communicator – a branded communications app tailored for your company’s needs.

Whether for office staff, remote workers or your valued customers, you can be confident that everyone in your business is informed with the information they need, in real-time, no matter where they are.

For more information, contact us via email info@companyapp.co.uk or 0207 378 1446.

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