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Communicating With Your Millennial Staff: What You Need To Know

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Did you know that millennials, who are the most tech-savvy of any other generation, will make up 50% of the global workforce by the end of this year (2020) – according to PwC. Therefore in order to stay competitive and relevant, forward-thinking business leaders need to adapt their work culture using digital technologies, to meet the needs of these young workers.

Who are millennials anyway?

Millennials are defined as being aged around 16 to 29, and are the first generation to be fully exposed to technology virtually from birth.

Through their mobile devices, they are accustomed to the instant, anytime and anywhere benefits that digital technology offers. They expect unlimited access to information, and benefit from continuous online social connection.

According to a report by Lumesse:

The generation is tech-savvy, using social media and mobile applications, and its members are generally better out-of-the-gate coders than previous generations. They grew up on technology, are intrepid, and can figure technical challenges without a lot of training.

So how do organisations adapt to the millennial lifestyle, and implement this to communicate with them effectively in everyday work life?

Engaging and communicating with Millennials

  • Choose an appropriate communication method

This generation carry their mobile devices with them almost everywhere they go, therefore communicating through a business communication app – directly to their every day device – is most effective. Contacting them where they already are saves both time and money. Having the ability to send tailored messages through direct push notifications will keep millennials engaged and interested.

  • Keep things concise

Bulky text and heavy instruction manuals are a thing of the past. They are time-consuming and ineffective as a medium to share important information quickly – such as new-employee induction guides, company policies or employee objectives. Millennials are used to absorbing information quickly and efficiently through bite-sized chunks, whether brief text or interactive elements. For example, an employee induction app provides a centralised space where managers can be assured that all employees receive the right materials and messages at the right time.

  • Praise performance

Millennials generally want to understand their career advancement opportunities, and progress through their career quickly. They seek to do meaningful work and make a positive impact in the workplace. To retain these types of employees and keep them motivated, it’s important to set out a clear career structure and praise positive performance regularly, whether as individuals or a team. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, “Younger workers tend to view a career path with a “seize any opportunity mindset,” where 61% of 25-34 year olds believed they should be promoted every 2-3 years if doing a good job.

  • Focus on accessible collaboration

To attract the younger digital-savvy generation, having an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork is important. For example, allow quick information sharing, team notifications and instant chat apps to keep them engaged. This can foster innovative ideas much faster than employees working in silos.

  • Create a two-way communication channel

Millennials don’t want to just consume information, they want to contribute too. This ambitious generation appreciate having interactive, two-way communication channels, which allow them to give feedback and share their opinion. For example, provide digital surveys, feedback questionnaires and opinion polls.

Companyapp’s Communicator can help your organisation communicate better with millennials in the workplace. It’s the new business communication app that instantly keeps both staff and customers connected.

For more information, contact us via email info@compannyapp.co.uk and we’d be happy to talk through how you can transform your work culture to meet the needs of the younger workforce.

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