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Driving Efficient Customer Engagement

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It’s clear that brands need to drive genuine customer engagement and authenticity to maintain loyal customers. With the growth of the digital evolution within the last 10 years, marketers need to provide relevant, captivating content in order to meet the customer’s demand for a more visually engaging experience.

So how should marketers build a successful customer-driven marketing strategy to achieve this?

Let’s take a look at a pretty successful company you may have heard of – Google. Their core mission and brand purpose is to organise the world’s data and make it universally accessible to all. They believe in providing the best user experience possible, and this determines everything they do in their entire organisation – from engineers to sales teams to CMO’s. This clarity ensures consistency in everything they do, as everyone is on board with their task and how it fits into the Google machine.

To illustrate how important consistency is to Google’s success, let’s take a look at a recent search update from Google: a prime example of being in a mobile-first, cross device world is their recent search results page update to be more user friendly. It essentially brings the desktop search results page more in line with the mobile experience. They removed paid search ads from the right hand side on desktop, making the search journey seamless regardless of which device you’re using.

Having consistency and coherence across all devices while serving relevant, tailored content is at the core of what makes Google one of the world’s most successful brands – increasing revenue year on year by 21%.

Consistency is key for successful branding

This emphasises the importance of consistency, especially when data and resources can be siloed across different devices from employees within a team. If your team are singing from different hymn sheets, chances are that the sales materials will not all be in line with your company’s brand. Heads of sales and marketing teams must mitigate the chance of brand inconsistencies in order to have a seamless and impactful brand story. Processes need to be in place that prevent any chance of hindering a brand’s purpose and ultimately growth.

This challenge in content strategy has been explained by CMO Council, where:

39% of marketers surveyed indicate there is currently no process in place to aggregate, catalogue and manage visual assets.

They have described it as a “potential waste as teams invest in costly content development cycles within their protected silos. From a customer experience perspective, this can create fragmentation in brand vision and messaging, confusion in the marketplace and a disconnected experience.”

Centralise for efficiency

The key for increased efficiency is to centralise all sales and marketing content, making it accessible for all sales reps using a single, cloud-based platform. By centralising control of all marketing resources, this ensures there is always clarity and consistency in client-facing materials, reinforces the confidence of a sales team when they deliver it, and ultimately managing compliance by default.

Demand Gen Report’s perspective on the ‘sales enablement revolution’ is that, “advances in cloud technology, broader end-to-end sales productivity features, and an emphasis on user experience have reignited interest in its ability to make sales teams more efficient.”

As stated by CMO Council’s ‘Creativity to Content’ paper, teams who have a centralised visual asset management system in place have shown a “reduction in cost as teams were now able to avoid duplicate costs from asset development and procurement.”

A recent survey by Highspot has shown:

More than 50% of companies that have committed to sales enablement efforts have experienced improved sales conversion rates of greater than 10%.

At Companyapp, we believe in enabling sales reps with a powerful content management tool, storing all client-facing materials in a centralised cloud-based master library. This means all your content is in one easy-to-manage place. So it’s quick to update, quick to share & guarantees your sales team are always using the latest approved, compliant resources.

Contact us via info@companyapp.co.uk to find out how to ensure your marketing content truly empowers your sales team.

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