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Save Time & Money With An Employee Induction App

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Does your company give new employees the same induction pack – company policies, forms and text-heavy manuals – that often builds to a mountain of paperwork before they’ve even switched on their computer? Nobody can (or wants to) read pages of text that often isn’t relevant to them. It’s not an engaging or productive method of communication, especially when it’s the first day in a new company.

The first few days are always crucial for a new employee. This period of time can have a significant impact on an employee’s perceptions of the business. They shouldn’t be left to ‘sink or swim’, but instead should be provided with relevant, personalised materials that they’ll actually need in their new role. Therefore as an employer, it’s important to make this process as positive and efficient as possible.

If the same materials are given to every new employee – why not digitise it, and ensure it is easily accessible through an intuitive app?

Forget endless printing that is a waste of resources and time. With a centralised induction app, line managers can be confident that each and every employee receives the right materials and messages at the right time – straight to the smartphones they use every day. Through tailored messaging, increase engagement by making sure each employee only can view what is relevant to them.

Overall, improve process efficiencies by ensuring each message is consistent, accurate, and importantly, always in-line with the company’s brand.

That’s not to say personal conversations should be eliminated. In conjunction with face-to-face communication, a digital induction app can be used as an effective tool to save managers valuable time, and money.

In fact, a survey by BambooHR has discovered:

43 percent of HR believes time and money are wasted because of ineffective onboarding processes, where 45 percent of HR believes they waste more than $10,000 a year as a result.

Who are induction apps for?

An induction app is an extremely valuable tool to connect with non-desk employees working in any type of environment. Whether for employees who travel often, work remotely offshore or off site, they can be instantly reachable, regardless of where they are.

It is also beneficial for desk-employees to access company information in one central place, whether during their commute or at their office location.

What to include in an induction app?

An induction app could include essential company documents, either created specifically for the app, or simply aggregated from external sources (company website for example).

Essential company documents:

  • Company values and vision
  • Company policies
  • Job role requirements
  • Key contacts
  • Induction videos
  • Building floor map
  • Company image gallery
  • Computer login details
  • Training materials
  • Health & safety documents
  • Calculator tools
  • Company blog posts
  • Staff noticeboard
  • Nearby culture spots

From Ocado to Sky, have a read of these inspiring business communication apps, to discover the kinds of induction and communication apps organisations are using across all industry sectors.

At Companyapp, we believe an induction app is an informative and effective communication tool to ensure all new employees feel supported and well-equipped in their new role, regardless of their location. View more information at www.companyapp.co.uk/communicator.

Think it’s time to improve and modernise your company’s induction strategy?

Find out how we can create a powerful induction app for your business, contact us via email info@companyapp.co.uk – or feel free to give us a call on 0207 378 1446.

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